Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Armadillo genes

No posts for a couple of days as a busy weekend and travelling to the Welsh countryside have taken up all my energy. Weekend was much fun with a birthday bbq on Saturday followed by a christening on Sunday at which the boy Panda was godfather. Then yesterday I travelled down to stay at my folks' in the middle of nowhere in Wales hoping that some peace and quiet would help me get going on all the work I need to do for my Masters (that I'm very behind on because of the damn ME).

Well, the sun is shining but have I been outside studying in the sunshine? Have I heck - the 5 1/2 hr journey yesterday has left me with mad jelly legs and soooo tired. I went to bed at 9.30 yesterday, got up at 10 this morning and as soon as I picked up a textbook, I fell asleep again and just woken up about 6 hours later!

Oh well, I read somewhere that armadillos need to sleep for about 18 hrs a day so perhaps I am just part armadillo...

Fingers crossed, I will get some work done tomorrow and be able to enjoy some of the sunshine as it definitely seems to help with relieving some of the symptoms. (The sunshine that is, not the studying...funnily enough that seems to make things worse!;-)

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