Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup -woo hoo!

Ugh, feeling decidedly ropey today after dreadful nights' sleep, woken up with v painful legs and back and now just want to sleep for about 20 hours. Damn you ME! But despite all that, how can I not be happy when it's the start of the World Cup? I LOVE the World Cup and especially excited this year with South Africa hosting it.

Anywho who knows me knows that I often get a bit tearful at mass displays of passion and emotion and this was no exception - just watching the start of the South Africa match and had a little cry of happiness. Thank god I actually dozed off just before the opening ceremony...can you imagine the rivers of tears that would have gone on then?!

Other happy things today are that Boy Panda has let me stay at his house while he is at work as it is so much quieter than mine and can actually try and get some studying done. (Where do Pandas actually live? Apart from zoos? Must google...)

And huge thanks to my friend Debbie for giving me the biggest belly laugh I have had in ages - very good for the soul!

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  1. Ugh! I am with you on the no sleep front!! Waking up with pain and stiffness is a daily joy :P The world cup .... isn't that something to do with sport???!!! hahaha