Friday, 2 July 2010

Come on Ghana!

Quick post today as am shattered after doing battle with some software for absolutely hours today. (I lost by the way,grrr). Also want to watch the Uruguay v Ghana match which starts any minute. Oh how I want Ghana to win! It would be truly wonderful if an African nation could go as far as possible in this world cup and it would mean so much to so many people.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting! I know some of you can't follow properly because of not having a google account but it's nice to know you're still there! And also big thanks to Shelli at for very kindly introducing me to the ME/CFS blogging community!

Will update on my Happiness Project properly over the weekend but for now here are my gold stars:

  • I didn't cry, throw things or even swear very loudly despite the aforementioned software issues making me BEYOND cross at the waste of time and energy (and the fact that it still doesn't work). Instead I watched a bit of the tennis and thought calming thoughts about things I might knit someday. Perhaps I am finally getting a bit zen ;-)
  • Despite not getting work done that I needed to (software again!), I did print out some papers I need for another essay so not wasted trip to the library. (I did get some really funny looks at the printer as the papers were about the BNP - wanted to declare very loudly that it was for a politics essay not for personal interest but couldn't so just went bright red and tried not to make eye contact with anyone!

And here are the things that made me happy today:

  • Getting a fab package in the post from montyknits (actually if you like knitting,art,craft etc you should have a look at her blog too . I'm going to help her out by making something for her new book so had lovely envelope full of beautiful yarn and needles. Can't wait to get started on it!
  • Going to the Unicorn and getting some yummy food. The Unicorn is a great co-operative wholefood/organic grocery not far from me and although it's amazing, it's a treat for me as sadly I can't really afford to get lots of food from there plus the walk there and back is beyond me sometimes. But I got some lovely stuff that you just can't get anywhere else: some yummy looking gooseberries, some grapes that look really 'real', like a cartoon (I know that sounds mad but you know how supermarket grapes are all exactly the same size?Well these look like a bunch of grapes that a child would draw, all different shapes and sizes and in a proper triangle!). Oh and some buckwheat - I'm allergic to gluten so always looking for new ideas for tasty food that's not going to make me poorly and have been trying to find some of this stuff for ages! Apologies for the salivating over food: my twitter name isn't eatknitresearch for nothing!;-)
  • Remembering that the boy panda bought me an amazing camera for my birthday which I have yet to play with! When I retrieve it from his house I can add pics and stuff here. (Prepare yourself for food porn!)

That's it from me today. Food, then football, then bed for me. Rock and roll, eh?Have good Friday evenings everyone x


  1. Hey, swearing is good for you -- it increases pain tolerance. I swear. ;)

    Thanks for the mention, enjoy your football, and rest up for awhile.

  2. Hello, just found you via Shelli. There's nothing better than an envelope full of new yarn!

  3. Hello, Happy Panda -

    I just found you through Shelli's blog. I'm usually more in touch with what's going on in the CFS blogging community, but I just returned from a 3-week vacation. The trip was wonderful, but now I'm behind in everything! Re-entry is always tough.

    Sounds like you're in the UK - we have quite a few UK CFS/ME bloggers floating around.

    I am also into yummy food, as you will immediately see if you visit our trip blog - half the entries are about what we ate!

    Welcome to the blogging world!