Friday, 9 July 2010

The weekend is in sight!

Hello all! Not posted for a few days due to a combination of being locked in the library for a few days and then doing a lot of being horizontal to recover from aforementioned essay blitz! While I've been trapped in a sea of books, I have been thinking about what I'd like to do with the blog and inspired by Annie's great blog I'm going to have some dedicated posting days for different aspects of stuff I like!

So from now on, Mondays will be known as Magic Mondays. I don't know about you but I hate and always have hated Mondays, so I intend to have fill Mondays with inspiring stuff. Possibly a mix of people that inspire me, craft projects I'm working on, books I'm reading or just general things that have caught my eye and make me happy - hopefully it will sooth the pain of miserable Mondays!

Wednesdays will be Wardrobe Wednesdays - I was doing some much needed de-cluttering the other day and discovered lots of lovely things that I had forgotten all a new twist to the meaning home-shopping! So I thought Wednesdays could be about reminding me about fun and beautiful stuff I already well as a place to show all the fashion/home/design things I covet but frugal budgets won't allow me to!

Fridays will from now on be Foodie Fridays...yum yum! So things I've seen/drunk/eaten that week, exciting recipes or posts from other foodie blogs that I admire.

And finally, Sundays will now be Spoonie Sundays where I'll chat about ME/CFS stuff.

In between I'll still be keeping you updated on how the Happiness Project is going and other whimsical thoughts that I want to share. In the book, Gretchen Rubin talks about blogging every day as it's easier to make yourself do something every day when you're trying to encourage a new habit to stick and I think she's probably right. I like the idea as well of posting as the last thing I do online in the day and then turning the laptop off so let's see how we go!

And of course, I know have the snazzy new camera to play with so will be able to make the blog a lot more pretty from next week, woop!

Hope you're all well and happy!xx


  1. It's very pretty right now! I love the background. Looking forward to all these exciting sounding posts!

  2. Thanks Jo! Have been reading your blog for a while but too shy to comment - I will do from now on! Thanks for the lovely comments. It sounds like we have the same "yarn makes me happy" condition :-) Do you knit/crochet?x

  3. magic mondays - sounds psychedelic, i look forward to it ;)
    you also don't need to convince me of wardrobe wednesdays, i should search my own more often
    foodie fridays may make me hungry - if you find a good polenta cake recipe can you post it?!