Monday, 12 July 2010

First Magic Monday!

My god, do I need something to cheer me up today. It is miserable weather, pouring down with rain but still a bit muggy so poor little internal thermostat cannot decide what to do leaving me roasting hot one minute and freezing cold the next!

So for the first Magic Monday, I was thinking about someone who I really like and who really inspires me: Mary Portas. For those non-UK readers and boys, Mary Portas is a very cool retail and fashion guru who really knows her stuff. She has a TV programme called Mary Queen of Shops, where she goes to help independent store owners who have lost their way (some of them are really clueless and stubborn with it!) and whilst she is pretty blunt, she's always kind with it and really sorts them out. Plus she's very stylish and funny and I often daydream about her coming around to sort out my disorganised life...when I grow up, I'd like to be like her please!The last episode in the series is on tonight at 9 so that's going to be little Monday treat.

Hmm, though from next week, Monday TV is looking problematic. No Glee and no MQOS...what's a girl to do?!


  1. Nope, never heard of Mary, and there's nothing on TV here in the US either. We're watching reruns of favorite comedies (which is why I'm also reading blogs at the same time!). I suppose I should just turn the silly thing off and read!


  2. She's great isn't she? We have reception problems here, so haven't invested in cable and Freeview is pretty patchy. You have to hold the digi box and stand on one leg in certain weather conditions. So the 'nothing on TV' cry in our house is a pretty regular one. I cope with DVDs, lots of radio listening and crochet! I think my role model is Captain Janeway from Voyager. Did I really just say that out loud?

    Congrats on your first Magic Monday :-)

  3. oh no i missed it - i was in west dean with no tv on the only night of the week that i wanted to watch a programme! must check i player...