Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Not very happy panda...

Just thought I should write a quick post in case you were wondering where I had disappeared to. Having overdone it trying to get my last assignments in for my masters, I had quite a bad crash of ME/CFS symptoms. Had a few days over the weekend resting as much as I could and was starting to feel better when suddenly I felt a whole lot worse.

Thought I had caught the tummy/fluey bug that is going around but then had horrible burning pain for a few days and one trip to the hospital confirmed that it's actually a kidney infection. Again. Have been given a week's worth of strong antibiotics, told to rest and to go to A&E if it gets any worse tonight but fingers crossed it won't.

I feel shocking and am a bit worried as last time I had to take antibiotics they made my ME symptoms worse but have to take them to get rid of the kidney infection. Meh. I have no appetite (this is UNHEARD of!). I am supposed to be working on a big thing for uni with a deadline of next week which I haven't been able to even start yet!And I have no knitting with me :-( On the plus side, I was at the boy panda's house when I started to feel ill so at least am being looked after and am staying in a nice comfy house rather than my horrid flat!

Sorry for the miserable post but I just wanted to say sorry for not being able to read and comment on your blogs and twitter. Normal happy panda service will hopefully resume shortly x


  1. Miserable posts are a part of dealing with CFS, I've found. I hope you feel better soon. Be gentle with yourself, and don't push it just because you have a deadline. I know, I know, easier said than done. :)

  2. Yes, look after yourself. Eat lots of yoghurt and, if you can, find some probiotics to take to support your digestive system while you are taking anti Bs. Oh poorly Panda, hope you feel better soon.

  3. Sorry you're going through such a tough time. Jo is right - definitely take probiotics while you are on antibiotics (just take the two at least 2-3 hours apart) - they'll help prevent the stomach problems that even healthy people get on antibiotics and may also help your immune system.

    Also, if this antibiotic makes your ME/CFS symptoms worse, tell your doctor and ask if you can try a different one. I've found that since getting CFS, I react badly to some abx but am OK with others - it's trial and error but most infections respond to more than one type of abx.

    Good luck - take good care of yourself!